5 Ways to Work More Plants into Your Holiday Party

5 Ways to Work More Plants into Your Holiday Party



It’s the giving season and what better way to give the gift of health then through your holiday party! Food is always at the center of every gathering and this is the perfect way to inspire your guests to add more nutrient dense goodness to their meals without compromising flavor.  Here are five ways to incorporate more plants into your party favorites. 

Plant Power Your Mac n’ Cheese

Of course, mac n’ cheese will be the first dish to go so let’s make that a plant packed one. Choose lentil, chickpea, or whole wheat macaroni noodles, add finely chopped broccoli and use cheddar cheese to make a wonderfully delicious Broccoli & Cheddar Mac n’ Cheese. Top with whole grain panko crumbs and your guests will be asking for the recipe. 

Spice Up Your Fruit Spread by Adding Serrano Peppers

This spread will have your guests at hello: Cherry Serrano Fruit Spread.  These two together are a flavor explosion but let’s not forget about the fiber, anthocyanins and vitamins each bite provides. Adding a hot pepper to something tart and sweet will kick things up a notch for your traditional fruit spread. This is bound to be a fan favorite. Serve with whole wheat crackers and sharp or goat cheese. You can also use this spread on those dinner rolls, too. Yum! 

Grill Pineapple for Ham Sandwiches 

Add anti-inflammatory benefits to your ham sandwich sliders by incorporating some grilled pineapple. The grilling process caramelizes some of the natural sugars in pineapple, making the fruit an even sweeter and delicate bite.  You could even use the extra pineapple for guests to make their own fruit skewers. 

Make Your Own Flatbreads with Plant-Based Toppings 

Everyone loves the idea of “build your own” so give them exactly what they want with all the plant forward toppings. You can easily make a savory and sweet flatbread by adding a pinch of pumpkin spice to hummus, spreading that on your flatbread, and topping it with dried apricots and sunflower seeds. Apple compote, aged cheddar cheese, and chopped walnuts are also a delicious combo. Roast or sauté all your vegetable toppings to bring out more flavor. 

Caramelized Onions for the Win 

Ah, the sweet smell of caramelized onions is heavenly. What’s even better is it’s so easy to make! Just heat a pan on low, add a splash of water and mix in your sliced onions. Let simmer for a bit and then sauté occasionally. The longer you simmer the onions, the better (at least 10-15 minutes). Once desired caramelization is reached, remove from the pan and serve as a topping for sandwiches, an addition to your charcuterie board, or a topper for your green bean casserole. 

Disclaimer: This information is educational only and not providing healthcare recommendations. Please see a healthcare provider.


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