Flu Shots

Steer clear of sickness this flu season.


Flu Shots

Steer clear of sickness this flu season.


Nearly 80,000 Americans died as a result of the flu last year. The flu is a contagious respiratory infection that is easily spread from person to person. Symptoms often become severe and can result in hospitalization. Young children, senior citizens, pregnant women and those with chronic health conditions are especially vulnerable to flu complications. While there are other preventative measures like washing your hands and avoiding others who are sick, the flu vaccine is the most effective measure to avoid the virus. The CDC recommends that individuals over 6 months old should receive flu vaccinations each year.

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By The Numbers



Americans suffered from the flu last year.1

People Patients


Reduced risk of ICU admission for adults with vaccine.2

Dollar Sign

$16.3 Billion

In lost earnings each year.3


  • Conveniently offered at your local Clinic so you can stop by during your next grocery trip - no appointment necessary.
  • Vaccine reviews are also available and can be performed in the same visit.
  • Reduce your risk of contracting the flu and reduce the severity of symptoms if you catch the bug.

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