Sports Physicals

Your source for children’s sports readiness exams.


Sports Physicals

Your source for children’s sports readiness exams.


Youth and school sports continue to gain popularity, with 45 million children participating annually in the United States. While the rise of physical activity is encouraging, safety while playing sports is paramount. Pre-participation (“sports”) physicals are required by most states to ensure readiness of kids and teens engaging in school or club sports. Our caring providers will go through a medical history and physical exam, answering any questions you have throughout the visit. Sports injuries are highly preventable, so evaluating your child’s readiness upfront with a physical can help.

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By The Numbers



Sports-related injuries by children in the U.S. each year.1



Potential health issues can be identified during the physical.2

Dollar Sign

$2.5 Billion

Healthcare cost spent annually on youth sports injuries.3


  • Receive a certified form that meets state requirements to participate in a school sport or competitive club.
  • Alleviate worry by getting feedback on any serious condition or injury before starting to play a sport.
  • Get professional guidance on how to manage conditions, such as asthma, while playing sports.
  • If medication is indicated, you can work with your in-store healthcare team to get started and learn about management and cost savings.

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