Insurance FAQs

Does the Clinic accept my health insurance plan?
the Clinic accepts most insurance plans and networks. Please contact your insurance carrier prior to your visit to verify coverage, co-pay responsibility and that your insurance plan is participating with the Clinic. Confirming this information in advance will help avoid any unforeseen charges.

What if I don't have health insurance or have a plan that the Clinic doesn't currently accept?
No problem. You have the option to pay for your visit by debit card, major credit card, money order or traveler’s checks.

If the Clinic files a claim with my health insurance plan, how does it work?
The clinic staff will collect the necessary co-payment from you as specified on your health insurance card. The clinic staff will make a copy of your photo identification and health insurance card for medical records and billing purposes. A claim will be submitted to your health insurance company on your behalf. After the insurance company makes a payment to the Clinic, we will send you a bill for any amount deemed your responsibility by your health insurance plan (verified in your Explanation of Benefits provided by your health insurance company).