Online Payment FAQs

Why don’t I see the ability to pay for my prescription online?
In order to see the option, you need to have a loyalty card associated with your Kroger account.

Click here to view or add your card number.

Another reason you may not see the online pay option for your order is that at least one of the prescriptions in your order is considered a location transfer. In this case, we suppress the online pay option on the checkout screen.

What are my payment options?
We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express credit cards.

Why was there a hold put on my card?
This is a pre-authorization to allow us to determine if the card is active and has funds available. The pre-authorization amount will be based on the previous amount you’ve paid for each prescription in the order. If the cost for a particular prescription isn’t known, then an amount of $10 will be assessed for pre-authorization purposes. The pre-authorization amount will be communicated to you prior to order submission in order to allow you the ability to decide if you would still like to proceed with the online pay option. When you arrive at the pharmacy to pick up your order, the pharmacy associate will initiate the checkout process and the actual order total will then be charged to the card.

Why can’t I see a cost for my refills during checkout?
We are unable to give you the cost of prescriptions until we contact your insurance company. Cost of prescriptions may vary depending on insurance co-pays and deductibles. Once your prescription status reads “Ready for Pick-up,” you can view the actual amount you owe.

What is the “expected patient paid amount"?
This is the expected amount you will pay based on the amount you paid for the previous fill(s). Once your prescription reaches “Ready for Pickup” status, you can view the actual amount owed. The price may vary based on insurance coverage, co-pays and deductibles.

Is there tax on my purchases?
Currently, our pharmacies do not charge any additional taxes for items purchased on the website. If state or federal regulations change and taxes are required, we will apply the appropriate charges to your order.

How do I add or change a new form of payment?
There is functionality available via your Kroger account settings (My Wallet) where you can manage your payment cards. In addition, as part of your checkout flow, the Order Confirmation screen will display any cards we have on file. During this step, we give you the ability to add a new credit card.

If I already have a digital account, are my saved credit cards available to me to use for my prescriptions?
Yes, these cards will be viewable during the checkout process.

Can I use the credit card that’s stored on the site for in-store prescription purchases?
Yes, the in-store pharmacy associate can use the card you have on file.

How does an Online Pay customer receive their Fuel Rewards?
When you pick up your prescriptions and your transaction is complete, the appropriate Fuel Rewards are applied to the loyalty card associated with your online account.

Am I able to complete all transactions from the mobile app also?
The Online Pay feature is available via My Prescriptions website both on desktop and mobile. The Online Pay capability for mobile native apps will not be available until later in 2018.