Refills FAQs

Can I change the pickup location for my prescription(s)?
Yes. You can choose any Kroger Pharmacy to pick up your prescription. All you need to do is “Select a Different Pharmacy” on the confirmation page, and your prescription(s) can be picked up at the location you choose.

What is the “expected patient paid amount"?
This is the expected amount you will pay based on the amount you paid for the previous fill(s). Once your prescription reaches “Ready for Pickup” status, you can view the actual amount owed. The price may vary based on insurance coverage, co-pays and deductibles.

Why would the Pharmacy need to contact my prescriber?
We need to contact your prescriber if there are no refills remaining, or the prescription has expired. Your Pharmacy may need up to 2 business days to contact your prescriber to request a new prescription.

How is the pickup time calculated, and can I get my prescription sooner if I need to?
Pickup time is calculated based on the store hours and the time your order was submitted. If you need your prescription sooner than the pickup time offered, please contact your Pharmacy directly.

I ordered a prescription refill online with My Prescription, but my Pharmacy told me it was not yet eligible for a refill. Why is this? While My Prescriptions may allow you to request a refill for a prescription, there may be other factors that affect your refill. Please consult your Pharmacy for details. You can also enroll to receive text message notifications when your prescription is ready at your Pharmacy.

Can I sign up to get notified when my prescription is ready for pickup?
Yes. Part of your Patient Profile has notification preferences that allow you to be notified by voicemail, text or email when your prescription is ready for pickup. If you are already signed up to receive refill notifications, you can manage your preferences on your Patient Profile.

The My Dashboard page in your My Prescriptions account also has a notifications section. Prescriptions that are ready for pickup will be displayed there.

Why wasn't I notified that my prescription was ready for pickup?
Please ensure that your contact information is up to date in your online Pharmacy account via your Patient Profile. You can select which notification preference is best for you.

Why did I receive an automated call regarding my prescription?
At some point, your phone number was enrolled to receive notifications regarding your prescriptions. For online Pharmacy registered Customers, you can update your preferences on your Patient Profile. If you do not have an online Pharmacy account, please contact your local Pharmacy.

What is the difference between a “Partial Fill” and a “Completion Fill”?
Sometimes the Pharmacy doesn't have the entire days’ supply of your prescription and will give you what they have available. This is considered a “Partial Fill.” Once the Pharmacy dispenses the remainder of your prescription to you, this will be your “Completion Fill,” which is the remainder of your days’ supply.

Can I refill my prescriptions without creating an online Pharmacy account?
Yes, you can refill a prescription at any Kroger Pharmacy without creating an online Pharmacy account. You can quickly request a refill via EasyFill online without logging in.

Can you use the Mobile App to refill prescriptions?
Yes, My Prescriptions is now part of the Kroger Mobile App. You can sign in to view available prescription refills, set up prescription Auto Refill, edit your profile and more!