The Clinic Staff FAQs

What type of healthcare providers work at the Clinic?
The Clinic is staffed by nurse practitioners and physician assistants who are board-certified and fully licensed to treat patients 12 months and up (24 months and up in Kentucky). Our healthcare providers are fully qualified to diagnose and treat common illnesses and minor injuries, prescribe medications as needed, conduct tests and interpret laboratory results, provide wellness and preventive care, perform physical examinations and health screenings, and administer vaccinations and injections. Our providers have direct access to collaborating physician relationships that support the delivery of quality healthcare.

Our healthcare providers treat common illnesses and minor injuries. They also provide wellness and preventive care; risk assessments, screenings and vaccinations. Plus, they can prescribe medication when you need it.

Can the Clinic provider prescribe medications?
Yes, but only if the condition/diagnosis requires a prescription for treatment based on the provider’s assessment. Narcotic and other controlled substances are not prescribed at the Clinic.