Kroger Shares Fresh Food Trends for 2020 and Launches Noshtalgia Podcast

Kroger predicts global tastes, nostalgic flavors and functional foods will influence the way we eat in the year ahead; and plant-based foods will continue to grow in popularity
Kroger introduces Noshtalgia - a fresh podcast that provides a culinary trip down memory lane. The entertaining and inspiring series will focus on food memories from real people, reliving memorable moments from around the dinner table
(CINCINNATI – January 23, 2020) - Kroger, America's favorite grocer, announced today its top food trend predictions for 2020, insightfully curated by its culinary experiences team and Our Brands product developers, chefs and innovators.

No matter the preference or practice, the latest tastes and freshest trends can be found on and in the aisles where customers shop for Simple Truth®, Kroger's natural, organic and free-from brand, Kroger®, Where Awesome Meets Affordable™, and Private Selection®, a collection of culinary creations designed to elevate every occasion.

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Kroger's top food trend predictions for 2020, insightfully curated by its culinary experiences team and Our Brands product developers, chefs and innovators.

Kroger's Top Five Trends for 2020:

1. NOWstalgia
Consumers are increasingly seeking out foods and flavors that bring back fond childhood memories. New foods will continue to be added to grocery shelves that deliver nostalgic flavors in a reimagined way—charming customers of all ages and generations.

This month, Kroger is launching a new way for its customers to share their favorite food memories with the launch of Noshtalgia, a new podcast hosted by acclaimed cookbook author and television personality Danielle Kartes. Noshtalgia is now available to stream on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and other podcast platforms.

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2. Food as Medicine
Americans' stress levels reached a record high in 20191. With more than half of U.S. adults reporting they experience stress during "a lot of the day," overall self-care—including preventive, emotional, cognitive and physical health—is top of mind for consumers. As individuals of all ages are increasingly customizing their lifestyles and food choices to achieve health and wellness goals, new solutions and products will continue to be added to grocery shelves that positively impact day-to-day energy, mood and health.

To help customers manage their general wellbeing and chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, Kroger Health is piloting a new food prescription program, inviting primary care physicians to refer patients to Kroger Health experts for individualized nutrition counseling and personalized food recommendations. Customers can then fill their food prescriptions at Kroger stores in select markets with dedicated support from the Kroger Health nutrition team.

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3. Flexitarian Foods
While only 6% of Americans practice a full-time vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, a growing number of consumers are embracing flexitarian living, prioritizing healthier food choices and reducing their intake of meat and dairy products2.

Kroger's new Simple Truth Plant-Based collection of fresh, delicious, animal-free food will continue to expand in 2020, offering vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian shoppers a greater selection of accessible and affordable choices.

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4. Global Flavors
From the classic taste of a Cuban sandwich to the irresistible spice of a Peruvian aji pepper, consumers can expect to see a growing selection of products inspired by global flavors. Millennials are driving this globetrotting trend by prioritizing travel more than previous generations. In 2019, the average millennial (ages 21 to 37) planned to take roughly five trips throughout the year, including more international trips (2.7) than both GenXers (2.0) and Boomers (1.5)3. This trend is expected to grow in the decade ahead, as both millennials and their Gen Z counterparts explore the globe and return home with new global foods, flavors and cooking styles to share with family and friends.

Products to Try: Private Selection simmer sauces inspired by India, Malaysia and Morocco, Private Selection Filipino Pork Lumpia Spring Rolls, Private Selection Peruvian Aji Amarillo Hot Sauce, Private Selection Korean Inspired Gochujang Wing Sauce, Kroger Cuban Sandwich Kettle Chips.

5. Food for Good
In today's socially conscious environment, customers are more interested than ever before in the values of the brands they support. In fact, more than half of consumers will choose to spend their money with companies that are helping to make the world a better place. In the coming year, consumers can expect a growing selection of products that support responsible sourcing, inclusion and sustainable packaging.

Kroger plans to continue to expand its diverse portfolio of Fair Trade Certified products in 2020, as well as complete its plan to standardize date labels for its Our Brands food products, reducing food waste by providing simpler, easier-to-understand product quality and safety information as part of its Zero Hunger | Zero Waste social impact commitment.

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To view photography of Kroger's 2020 food trends, visit here.

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