Registered Dietitians

Our nutrition experts believe food is medicine.


Registered Dietitians

Our nutrition experts believe food is medicine.


Nearly one-half of Americans suffer from a food-related chronic illness. At Kroger, we believe food is medicine. For that reason, Registered Dietitians are a crucial part of our Kroger Health team. Our Dietitians touch all aspects of our customer experience, from working directly with patients, to influencing the food that we sell, to inspiring our customers by sharing knowledge and ideas around healthy eating. We believe in a no-judgment, sustainable approach to healthy eating. Our goal is to help you learn to enjoy food more, not less. It’s about eating intuitively, making smart choices and learning how to say “yes” more than “no.”

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By The Numbers



Americans don’t eat enough vegetables, fruits, dairy or healthy fats.1

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8 out of 10

Americans are confused about what counts as a healthy food choice.2

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US adults report feeling fear around their food choices.3


  • We know and love food. Our Dietitians aren’t just qualified clinicians, they’re also foodies at heart. Our team stays on top of trends, innovations and new ideas around healthy eating.
  • Our services are tailored to what you’re eating and enjoying today, with small tweaks as needed to optimize your nutrition intake. We don’t believe in restrictive dietary overhauls.
  • We are experienced in treating a range of food-related conditions. Using food as the foundation, our Dietitians have worked with patients managing cancer, diabetes, seizures, food intolerances, obesity, eating disorders and many other conditions.

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Our Registered Dietitians offer individual nutrition counseling as well as personal shopping services. Schedule an appointment today and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle!

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