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We believe in food as medicine.

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Wellness Your Way Connect

We believe in food as medicine.

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Are you eager to bridge the gap between food and pharmacy? Medicine is more than just pills in a bottle and food is just as important to your health as medication. What if we could connect the two? By linking your Shopper’s Card and Pharmacy information, Wellness Services gives you a complete picture of your health and provides insight and recommendations to help prevent illness or help you feel better faster.

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By The Numbers

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Adults in the US are obese.1


1 in every 4

Deaths in the US are a result of heart disease.2


70 Million

Americans report digestive issues on a daily basis.3


  • Personalized product recommendations for better for you products that will help you live a healthier life.
  • Exclusive discounts on the products and services best for your health and wellness needs.
  • Access to expert advice on health and wellness to help guide you toward a healthier lifestyle.

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Wellness Services is designed to simplify your journey to a healthier you. Sign up online or visit your local Pharmacy to sign up for the program.

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